the blue duct

Company Profile

AQC’s products, Q Duct™, PalDuct™ and The BlueDuct®, have revolutionized air-duct systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. AQC’s products are advanced alternatives to fiberglass and metal ductwork for a wide range of applications with many benefits, including energy and labor savings.

AQC Industries was originated to transform an often overlooked, but essential solution for the HVAC
industry – underground air ducts.

The BlueDuct product was invented and brought to market in 2001. Developed in 1965 in Dubai, AQC Industries began engineering and fabricating Pal Duct Systems for North America in 2014.

AQC Industries is owned and managed by leaders in the commercial, industrial and residential
HVAC industry.

AQC engineers, technicians and representatives work closely with customers to provide consistent
high-quality CAD services and contractor training. AQC’s underground, outdoor and indoor airduct systems are offered through knowledgeable distributors and representatives throughout North America.


AQC Industries, LLC
4600 Churchill Street
Shoreview, MN 55126
+1 651.209.0050